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Bassist/Musical Director Zachary Rudulph hails from the Bay Area in Northern CA and now lives in Los Angeles. Having moved south to attain a music degree, as well as a certificate in recording and engineering, Zach has since cut records and played with many of the top names in pop, hip-hop, gospel and R&B. Hits credits include Andy Grammer, Cody Simpson, Outasight, Colbie Caillat, The Game, Justin Young, Christafari, Dominic Balli, Fifth Harmony, Gavin Degraw, Jewel and international stars including Jay Park, and Kamran & Hooman to name a few.

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Zachonbass 8 hours ago

Mohegan sun was lite! Now Redeye jet'n back to west cost for #superbowl50 playing pre-show… https://t.co/FkUTVnOB7a

Zachonbass 12 hours ago

It's been a while, but today's office is Mohegan sun arena! #goodtobealive #AndyGrammerhttps://t.co/T51UlnCtTa

Zachonbass February 01, 2016

#checkup. get those toofs right! @ Glendora Dental Center https://t.co/YaP1KyPWv8

Zachonbass January 31, 2016

RT @andygrammer: NEW ORLEANS!!!! You have my heart 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ w/ @Zachonbass https://t.co/JdJdtzRmVm

Zachonbass January 30, 2016

Hey hey it's the Monkeys!!!!!! Still killing after all these years! vid cred @dougwayne85 https://t.co/ubl7Ogc1UR

Zachonbass January 30, 2016

Count us in boss #AndyGrammer agh 1,.agh 2... Let's go Nolo📢 #familygras2016 ⚜⚜ https://t.co/dcTSeDldFp

Zachonbass January 30, 2016

RT @andygrammer: Just landed in New Orleans 🎉🎉🎉🎉 #gonnabeagoodsaturday

Zachonbass January 30, 2016

Early morning Colorado Sky! By @csupueblo New Orleans here we come! Just gotta get through this… https://t.co/ejAZRxbea4

Zachonbass January 30, 2016

#csu pre show shot! Yo these folks brought the heat w/ @andygrammer no some overnight travel to… https://t.co/ptVAr5h9Wa

Zachonbass January 27, 2016

Family photo shoot and not one pic came out "normal." #thestoryofourlives #goodtimes #lovemyboyshttps://t.co/ftiRsHF4O4

Zachonbass January 26, 2016

RT @missy_heaton: Look who I spotted on Spotify! 😱 @Zachonbass https://t.co/73a9dXbYW9

Zachonbass January 26, 2016

With the homies getting chatty about doing @thetalkcbs at 2pm ET/1pm PT today on cbstv.… https://t.co/RAbVB1cON4

Zachonbass January 26, 2016

@thetalkcbs today with @andygrammer who's still at home;) ? shows at 11am we go on near the end.… https://t.co/2epKi649ZT

Zachonbass January 26, 2016

My boss-friend being a dork! Killed it singing the national anthem @ the playoff game Sunday.… https://t.co/ON6Fihz0sC

Zachonbass January 25, 2016

@la_rockwell joining old friends playing for the very talented Mrs @isabelamoner this lil lady… https://t.co/8vj57qJmkG