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Bassist/Musical Director Zachary Rudulph hails from the Bay Area in Northern CA and now lives in Los Angeles. Having moved south to attain a music degree, as well as a certificate in recording and engineering, Zach has since cut records and played with many of the top names in pop, hip-hop, gospel and R&B. Hits credits include Andy Grammer, Cody Simpson, Outasight, Colbie Caillat, The Game, Justin Young, Christafari, Dominic Balli, Fifth Harmony, Gavin Degraw, Jewel and international stars including Jay Park, and Kamran & Hooman to name a few.

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Zachonbass November 25, 2015

RT @andygrammer: Pumped to perform at #RockCenterXMAS tree lighting on 12/2 at 8/7c on @nbc https://t.co/89Qx4jjJq6

Zachonbass November 24, 2015

#tossbacktuesday woke up this morning and found this lil gem. #tommybahamanegros 👊🏾 ok even I agree I… https://t.co/yJg2c6vsZN

Zachonbass November 23, 2015

Beautiful LA night for rehearsal with the finale of #dwts this Tuesday with @andygrammerhttps://t.co/UdsLb4wXjz

Zachonbass November 21, 2015

RT @andygrammer: Gainesville!!! Tonight was special. Can't believe this is my life/job. It's genuinely #goodtobealivehttps://t.co/oUtk9ii

Zachonbass November 21, 2015

RT @startupmusicco: New Andy Grammer music video featuring 2 podcast guests! Lookin' good @drumawayeman and @Zachonbass https://t.co/g5ftKd

Zachonbass November 19, 2015

RT @KathyLawler: We need more of this in the world. #GoodToBeAlive (btw @Zachonbass is amazing in it😉) https://t.co/BbSabNYj7o

Zachonbass November 19, 2015

RT @andygrammer: So pumped the #GoodToBeAlive music video is here!! Head to @Glamourmag to watch & get your #Stankface on right here: https…

Zachonbass November 19, 2015

#stankface with the boss @andygrammer for the #goodtobealive music video. Premiers today!… https://t.co/zfTkUD1kzZ

Zachonbass November 18, 2015

Going in deep on this #andygrammer rehearsals! Get it right get it tight. @ Swing House Studios https://t.co/8cKuAaU8xq

Zachonbass November 08, 2015

#jimdulopusa #mxr Big thanks to Darry and this dunlop crew! Keep'n my bass world fitted! @ Sir At… https://t.co/7MdyiLk3Ce