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Bassist/Musical Director Zachary Rudulph hails from the Bay Area in Northern CA and now lives in Los Angeles. Having moved south to attain a music degree, as well as a certificate in recording and engineering, Zach has since cut records and played with many of the top names in pop, hip-hop, gospel and R&B. Hits credits include Andy Grammer, Cody Simpson, Outtasight, Colbie Caillat, The Game, Justin Young, Christafari, Dominic Balli, and international stars including Jay Park, and Kamran & Hooman to name a few.

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Zachonbass 1 hour ago

@briannaschmidt3 thanks your too kind. See ya next time

Zachonbass Yesterday 01:20 am

RT @StlCrdsfn11: @Zachonbass @ezybakes @GregKaragianis @andygrammer little somethin for u guys...cuz I have to amuse myself at times. https…

Zachonbass July 17, 2014

RT @AGrammerNation: @BornForThisRiot THOSE ARE AWESOME! @Zachonbass is always so cool. So cool that he makes Disney's Frozen look warm.

Zachonbass July 13, 2014

@shannondawnh: Hey @Zachonbass thanks for taking my phone on stage! That was way sick!” Yeah that was fun!

Zachonbass July 10, 2014

RT @brokenangel5: @andygrammer How did you find bandmates that are just the coolest! mad love for @Zachonbass @GregKaragianis @ezybakes #m

Zachonbass July 10, 2014

RT @fastpitchluver1: "Why are you turning the A/C off you're gonna have a melted chocolate mess back here..." 🍫 -@zachonbass

Zachonbass July 10, 2014

RT @StlCrdsfn11: @Zachonbass full pic on fb for you but cropped myself out for the twitter version. :) Thanks for taking time for me! http:…

Zachonbass July 08, 2014

RT @GregKaragianis: @HeatherBrenna13 @andygrammer @Zachonbass @ezybakes happy birthday Heather!!! Thanks for bein awesome!!

Zachonbass July 07, 2014

@Okie_Doke your the best so good to see you and Sarah